Mary Benchimol, Certified Dog Trainer


Be a Benevolent  Leader !

Mission Statement

To keep dogs in their “forever home” by educating and training both owners and dogs to eliminate behavior problems that the owner views as a problem.


Brief summary of our services

Group classes and in-home training for specific problem behaviors identified by the owner.

Only positive obedience training methods used.


Training equipment that we use

• Food treats (until dog is properly weaned)

• Toys

• Flat buckle collar

• Head collar (at request of owner)

No shock, pinch or choke collars


Training philosophy

• With love and patience, any dog can be trained to live and thrive in a human environment

• Positive training methods should be used

• Keep dogs in their “forever home” by educating and training owners and dogs to eliminate any behavior problems the owner identifies.

• Only when the cause of a problem behavior is determined can appropriate training methods be applied

• Training is an on-going process between owner and dog

• Exercise is critical for your dog

P.O. Box 17354

Fountain Hills, AZ. 85268

Phone: 480-836-1796



Rounded Rectangular Callout: Did you see how  well behaved those doggies are ?

"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare.   And in return, dogs give us their all.   It's the best deal man has ever  made" - M. Acklam


I look forward to working with you and your dog!